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    Greek Energy

    We are very happy to announce a collaboration between The Manifold and SourceMaterial, a UK-based, non profit investigative journalism outfit. Following up on The Manifold’s 2019 investigation into the politics of lignite-fuelled electricity production, this new project will […]

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    When we were designing The Manifold Files prototype, we only had the resources to build it in one language. We chose to build it in English, because it made it easier for us to broaden the pool […]

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    The Covid-19 crisis highlights Greece’s media problem

    We wrote an analysis for the International Press Institute website, entitled The Covid-19 crisis highlights Greece’s media problem, where we explain how the highly partisan way in which funds were distributed by the Greek government […]

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    Children Under Lockdown

    July 16 – 23, 2020 The Covid-19 lockdown was challenging for everyone. What did it mean, however, for children faced with abuse or neglect? In Greece, where the child protection system is disjointed, understaffed and […]

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    File 01: The Children and the State is now live

    Our first File, The Children and the State, has just been published. Since July 2018, The Manifold team has been investigating the child protection system in Greece, in an effort to document its failures and […]