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For all of us working on The Manifold Files, correspondence with our readers is essential. We will be happy to read your thoughts, ideas and comments, as well as suggestions on issues we should investigate, or tips on something specific we should look into. Here’s how to get in touch.

Social Media
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The best way to keep up with new stories in a file, updates to existing stories, or new files, is to subscribe to our monthly newsletter. The best way to a quicker interaction is to follow us, comment on our stories, or message us on Facebook and Twitter. The best way to start a conversation is to send us an email: if you know which team member you want to contact, look for their email in the Who We Are page; if you don’t, please email us at


If the information you want to send to us is really sensitive and you are afraid your email may be intercepted and prejudice you or others, then you can use PGP encryption. You can do this by using our public key, which allows you to encrypt messages specifically for us. Only we can read them, because only we have the corresponding “private key”, which we will use to decrypt your message. You can use our public key to encrypt both messages and attachments.

Email: [coming soon]
Fingerprint: [coming soon]
Public key: [coming soon]

In order to receive encrypted messages back from our team, you will need to create your own private and public keys, and share your public key with us in your message. If you are unfamiliar with public key encryption, there are plenty of free guides and software online that you can use.

As PGP encryption will protect the contents of your message, but will still reveal your email address, you may want to consider using a new, dedicated email address with a pseudonym, to contact us. Using a Tor browser, preferably on a computer away from home or work, will also boost your security.

Please bear in mind that no security precaution can be absolutely foolproof. For more information, see our Terms & Conditions.