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Children Under Lockdown

A live investigation into child abuse and neglect
in the era of Covid-19

July 16 – 23, 2020

The Covid-19 lockdown was challenging for everyone. What did it mean, however, for children faced with abuse or neglect? In Greece, where the child protection system is disjointed, understaffed and disorganised, how did the lockdown affect children who were forced to not have contact with anyone else apart from their abusers? How did State services respond during such a trying period? After the lockdown ended, were any measures put in place to assess and alleviate the consequences for vulnerable children? What is the plan, in case an increase in Covid-19 cases forces a new lockdown?

We are seeking answers to these questions through five interviews with child protection experts that will be streamed live on The Manifold Facebook Page.

Children Under Lockdown is a live journalism project. Online, live interviews offer an opportunity for audience members to participate in the process of gathering evidence through submitting their own questions. 

If you want to submit a question, you can do so in the following ways:

  • At any point before an interview, by email to, or by message on Messenger.
  • During the streaming of each interview, by comment under the Facebook live video post.

The interviews will be in Greek. After all five are completed, the videos will be subtitled in English, and — together with additional research — added as a major update to File 01: The Children and the State.


  • Interview #1 • Thursday 16/7, 19.00
    Theoni Koufonikolakou
    Childrens’ Ombudswoman
  • Interview #2 • Friday 17/7, 19.30
    Antonis Rellas
    Film director; Disabled activist, Emancipation Movement for the Disabled “Zero Tolerance”
  • Interview #3 • Monday 20/7, 19.30
    Giorgos Nikolaidis 
    Psychiatrist; Chairman, Bureau of Lanzarote Committee, Council of Europe; Director, Mental Health and Social Welfare Department, Institute of Child Health 
  • Interview #4 • Wednesday 22/7, 19.30
    Triantafyllia Athanasiou
    President, Association of Social Workers of Greece
  • Interview #5 • Thursday 23/7, 19.30
    Stefanos Alevizos
    Psychologist, The Smile of the Child NGO

The Children Under Lockdown project is funded through a grant by the European Journalism Covid-19 Support Fund, and supported by Reporters United.