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The next chapter

When we were designing The Manifold Files prototype, we only had the resources to build it in one language. We chose to build it in English, because it made it easier for us to broaden the pool of initial interested readers, whose feedback we asked for and found most valuable. It also helped with communicating our work to a wider audience. But next to these advantages, there was one major drawback: in-depth journalism is naturally of most concern to people who somehow feel close to the issue under investigation, and quite often they will find it difficult to engage, if the story is not in their native language. Not all, but many. 

So, we are fixing this. Beginning with our next File, the platform will also have a Greek language capability. While we are on that, we’ll also upgrade a few other things, like the File homepage that many of you have pointed out is not all that great.

We are very happy that for this upgrade, we will once again be working with Thinking, an Athens-based team of designers, information architects and developers, who research innovative approaches to digital reading. They are the ones who designed The Manifold Files prototype and we feel great about going on to the next chapter with them.

We expect to have the platform ready around December, so you’ll be reading more about it till then.