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Corrections & Complaints

At The Manifold Files, we aspire to high standards of accuracy in research and fairness in reporting. As we are dealing with complicated issues, however, occasionally we may make a mistake, or an oversight might lead to misrepresenting a person’s positions or arguments. We are committed to correcting such errors promptly, as soon as they are brought to our attention, in the manner most appropriate to each situation.


If you have spotted a factual error or other mistake anywhere in The Manifold Files, please email us at, citing the specific URL of the story or page that contains the error. We would also appreciate it if you could provide a description of why you think it is an error, and, if applicable, evidence to support your correction.

We will take your suggested correction into consideration, and, should we determine that it is accurate, we will correct the error as promptly as possible. In cases of significant corrections, we will also publish a note at the end of the story or page in question, describing the correction.

Please be aware that this process concerns only factual errors that can be identified through citing widely accepted evidence or expertise, and not differing opinions or points of view that are bound to occur with respect to complicated social issues, such as the ones investigated in The Manifold Files.

As stated in our Contact page, we certainly invite emails from readers, or comments and replies on Facebook and Twitter, describing differing opinions on the issues we investigate, and our reporters will appreciate the opportunity to engage in conversation about varied points of view, but we do not as a matter of course address such correspondence under our obligation to publish corrections.


If a story or page concerns or affects you directly, and you feel that it includes a misrepresentation of your positions or your role in the issue we are investigating, you may wish to lodge a complaint. If this is the case, please email us at, with the word “Complaint” in the subject line. Please make sure that in your email you clearly describe your connection to the story and the way in which you believe you have been misrepresented. 

We will treat all complaints under our obligation for fairness, weighing any reasonable grievance you may have against the right of the public to be informed and the public interest in general. Before lodging a complaint, you may find it useful to read our Privacy Policy and/or our Terms & Conditions.

We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within three working days, and will endeavour to reply on its substance within two weeks, depending on its nature. If, for any reason, we are unable to satisfactorily address your complaint within two weeks, we will contact you to explain the reason and give you a time-frame within which we expect to be able to do so. 

If we find that the grievance is justified, we will discuss an appropriate correction with you, and we will implement it as soon as possible. 

In general, we will make every effort to address your complaint in a way that does not lead to dispute or litigation, which will distract from the importance of the issue under investigation, with the exception of cases where we feel that resolving your grievance goes against the public interest that we, as journalists, have a duty to protect.

We regret that we cannot take into consideration complaints from third parties, not directly concerned or affected by a story.

Whether submitting a correction or lodging a complaint, please bear in mind that there might be instances where you should protect your identity or the identity of others. In our Contact page, we will find instructions on how to contact us securely.