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Altanis Panayiotis

Courtesy P. Altanis

Panayiotis Altanis

Head, Department of Psychology and Social Work (former) Frederick University, Cyprus

Chairman (former) EKKA

Panayiotis Altanis is a former Head of the Department of Psychology and Social Work, Frederick University, Cyprus (2013-2018). In Greece, he served as Chairman of The National Centre for Social Solidarity, or EKKA (2010-2012), and the Greek Social Workers Association, or SKLE (1981-83; 1990-92; 1992-94; & 1994-96). He worked on research projects and taught postgraduate level courses on Health Management and Social Care Services in the National School of Public Health, Athens (2005-2013). He has worked as a social worker in the Community Social Welfare Service (1979-1983) and in the Regional General Hospital of Attica “KAT”, (1983-1996). He also worked as Scientific Advisor in the Greek Ministry of Health and Welfare, and participated in the planning and implementation of modern health and social care programs (1996-2003).